Posted on May 03, 2016

Cory Chase has not been getting along with her stepdaughter Kacey Jordan lately. She asked her husband for some advice before he went to work, and he suggested she'd take Kacey out for a girls day out. While Cory was talking outside, Kacey's boyfriend Bruce was hiding in the bushes checking her out with his camera lusting over her. Cory went back inside to see if she could get Kacey to go out with her. However, Kacey was on the phone with her boyfriend Bruce the whole time, and flat out said no to Cory. The stepmom took off to run some errands, and that's when Bruce came right in to fuck Kacey! They were not going at it for long before Cory returned unexpectedly to see them fucking right there in the living room! She hid behind a corner and checked them out while she started playing with herself. This hot ass MILF then barged in on them and proposed to suck and fuck Bruce while Kacey ate her pussy, or else she would tell her dad on her. Bruce was all about it, but Kacey was a little hesitant... It did not matter because Cory was too busy getting her way. Don't miss this smoking hot MILF show her stepdaughter and boyfriend what a real pro can do in the sack!

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