Posted on March 11, 2015

Kacey Jordan is a very privileged girl who lives in a beautiful house and has all the money she needs to shop and have fun. However, Kacey's boyfriend is overly jealous, he calls her all the time to check where she is and who she's with. This time though he pushed Kacey a little too far, and she decided to give him a reason to be jealous... by fucking her driver! Kacey cheated on her boyfriend for good by worshiping that big black cock! She barely managed to fit it in her pussy, but when she did, she came so hard she couldn't believe it!

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Posted on January 10, 2014

Kacey Jordan is a big time CEO with too much stress, not enough time, and one really big mouth. Her masseur Jordan Ash is just trying to do his job and help her to relax, but she keeps snapping at him and it's driving him up the wall! To get a little peace and quiet, he pulls out his fat cock, puts it in her big mouth, and fucks her pretty face! Kacey loves big dicks, so she lets him finger, lick, and fuck her tight little pussy until she cums hard. Maybe after he's blown his load all over her pretty face, she'll finally be able to relax a little!

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Posted on December 20, 2012

Happy Holidays to perverts everywhere. Tis' the season to be jolly and Kacey Jordan is exactly the sexy little elf who you should have putting a smile on your face. At her petite height and weight she is easy to wrap and would definitely fit into Santa's sack of gifts. More importantly, when she gets around your sack she knows just what you want and she doesn't much care if you've been naught or nice. All she cares about is whether or not you are willing to smear her with the best icing your balls have ever battered up. Some girls are so easy to fuck on camera because you can tell they get off on being filmed while they're being fucked... and Kacey is definitely one of 'em! Happy Holidays from Kacey and the Stuffed Petite crew! -Relentless

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Posted on June 14, 2012

Kacey Jordan is sweet, petite, and still a little bit shy. So what's she doing with us? Well, at Only Teen Blowjobs, we like to get 'em in and corrupt 'em early. Kacey is so flat-chested and petite that we had to check her ID at the door before we even let her onto our set! Once we confirmed that she wasn't jailbait, we invited her in and stuffed her like a Thanksgiving turkey. This nineteen year old has only been giving blowjobs for about two years and this is probably the biggest cock she's ever swallowed. Did it shock her? Nah. She handled it like she was earning her merit badge in blowjobs. She put so much suction on his cock that her cheeks caved in and the head of our guy's cock shot to the back of her throat. Our Portland princess loves to play in the snow and we made it rain with a shower of snow white cum. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! **Monique**

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Posted on February 29, 2012

Little Kacey Jordan walks her twenty year old, ninety-nine pound body into our studio to get stuffed for a SECOND time! Fans of Stuffed Petite may remember her last fuck on our site and have already stopped reading this description to start downloading this new masterpiece.... but for new members and those previewing the site, you may want to flip through the huge video archives to find her first time and see it from start to finish before checking out this exciting sequel. Knowing the backstory and seeing what a gal like Kacey is capable of is enough to get little bumps of excitement running up your arms and down the back of your neck from the moment she first peels off her frilly panties to the amazingly dramatic climax of the whole hardcore episode when she starts making high-pitched moans as her costar crams his bone ALL the way home! Second time is a charm for tiny Kacey Jordan! - Relentless

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Posted on January 11, 2012

This young blonde beauty came to us eager to be in porn. So she comes in and after some chit chat about her insatiable appetite for cock, we got down to business. She pulled out her big fat juicy shaved camel toe pussy. It was enough to make any cock hard and mouth water. So after some masturbation with her fingers, Kacey Jordan gets introduced to Billy and his huge dick. She gets to work on it and gives a great blowjob. Follow that with some great pussy licking and hardcore fucking and this update is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Check it out for yourself. Watch her tight pussy grip the big dick that she rides. Good stuff here.

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Posted on December 28, 2011

Why bother looking in someone else's windows with a telescope when you have Kacey Jordan in the room with you?! There isn't going to be anyone hotter getting naked next door than the blonde hardcore goddess strutting around your floor. Her well-hung costar quickly realizes that Kacey can take a telescope sized cock in her pussy without too much trouble so the speed and friction of the fucking during this scene picks up QUICKLY. Watch the way he thumps her vagina with the full length of his dick, plunging it to maximum depth over and over before pulling out to plaster her pretty face with a big batch of his best seed. She loved every facial cumshot second as his sperm drooled down cheeks! Kacey Jordan Is Ready For Cum! - Relentless

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Posted on June 11, 2011

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Posted on March 17, 2010

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